While growth and change are a normal part of human life, the way we manage and deal with them can vary from person to person. Childhood, adolescence and young adulthood are major development stages filled with transition. These adjustments can be particularly difficult for some people, especially when added stressors are thrown into the mix. Asking for help is the first step in making sure you and your children are able to manage these changes smoothly and successfully. 

My practice is centered on helping clients address any difficulties they may be facing in their lives. Primarily, I focus on clients dealing with transition, depression, anxiety,  motherhood/parenting, infertility, ADHD/organizational coaching,  eating disorders, social changes, and grief/loss.  There are many different methods of therapy I use to treat these issues.  I offer individual and group therapy and often work in collaboration with a number of other health professionals to best support my clients in the treatment process. 

Therapy should look different for each person. The treatment plan will vary greatly depending on the personalities of each client and the particular concerns they bring to the table. In order for the therapy to be most successful, the client will have to work on things we discuss both during our sessions and outside of the office. The idea is to help clients develop the necessary confidence, maturity and skills to work through any obstacles the future may present them with. 

Please contact me  with any questions or to schedule a therapy appointment. Thank you.